About Me

Hi! I’m Karen! Thank you for stopping by!

I’m a ’70s girl. Meaning, I was a teenager in the ’70’s.  My inspiration was Stevie Nicks and I loved me some Peter Frampton. Kind of a gypsy vibe. I sort of lost that along the way. Having kids starting at 18.  Then life happened. Yep. Living, loving, losing and bouncing wait, picking myself back up. Many times.

But now? There’s this thing called menopause. Yeah. It’s sort of like an adult version of puberty. Adolescence with experience and wisdom. Sprinkle some guilt and regret and you have a full definition of menopause. More on that later.

I love lotions and potions, hair and beauty products too. I’m a vegetarian in the works. Meat doesn’t work well with me anymore. Changes happening here. It’s part of it.

So stay tuned and I look forward to sharing, laughing and hopefully inspiring, as so many have done for me.

Full site coming soon!!!